Our DNA is millions of years old, and our grandmother’s diet is still too early to use as a base. Your food should be as close as what a Caveman was eating; simply put, your way of life should integrate:
• Breathing: Deep breathing will send a message to your body to relax;
• Enough time to sleep properly: this is an appointment you do not want to miss as it affects all your other appointments!
• Sunlight: humans have been used to go outdoors for millenias and therefore used to get their daily dose of sun;
• Movement: again, we used to hunt/gather our food and this required physical activity (mostly walking);
• Hydration: 6-8 glasses of pure, clear water;
• Seasonal: as close to the season you are living in as possible, taking a break from certain kinds of foods;
• Varied: eating a variety of food will lead to a variety of nutrients;
• Balanced with protein, fat and vegetables.