Our Assurance Services Best Suit Public and Private Sector Organisations who:
  • Have no internal competencies to drive their procurement and supply chain efficiencies  
  • Want to benefit from subject matter experts on key strategic projects 
  • Have internal procurement organisation nevertheless, want to outsource activity on specific area(s) to subject experts
  • Thrive in sustainable and ethical procurement and supply chain to deliver value
  • Committed to internally develop a world - class procurement and supply chain organisation
  • Want to tighten the company’s focus on its core competencies
GPSCM Procurement Outsourcing Services (POS) is the most effective, efficient and economical way to get your goods and services by our subject matter experts. Through our POS, our clients will:
  • Benefit from subject matter expertise
  • Ensure timely delivery of projects
  • Achieve flexible resource planning
  • Benefit from subject matter experts when dealing with complex and high value procurement projects.
  • Ensure highest level of governance, risk and compliance
  • Grow their business with character in addition, integrity.
We offer specialist consultancy services for your Special Projects and  Contracts Management (SPCM). Through our SPCM, our clients will:
  • Benefit from our subject matter expertise
  • Ensure efficient and timely delivery of special / complex and or high value projects 
  • Benefit from flexible resource planning
  • Ensure governance, risk and compliance
  • Benefit from our efficient contracting practices and negotiation expertise 
  • Create more value from our expertise and experience in achieving efficiencies through contract renegotiations. 
  • Grow their business with character in addition, integrity.
We offer a Specialist Supply Chain Optimisation (SSCO) solution  designed by subject matter experts to deliver effective, efficient and economical end - to - end processes for our clients. 
Through our SSCO, our clients will:
  • Benefit from our subject matter expertise to drive efficiencies  through end – to – process design or re-engineering 
  • Ensure governance, risk and compliance
  • Make a quantum leap forward to become world - class supply chain  organisation. 
  • Achieve high response times and improved customer service
  • Increase operating efficiency, and enhance organisational competitiveness
We offer a new GPSCM Signature Procurement Optimisation (SPO)  solution to achieve effective, efficient and economical procure to pay end - to - end process for our clients. 

Through our SPO, our clients will: 
  • Benefit from our subject matter expertise to drive efficiencies through end – to – process design or re-engineering 
  • Ensure governance, risk and compliance
  • Achieve a step forward to build world - class procurement  organisation. 
  • Achieve high turnaround time and improved customer service
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We specialise in creating value for our clients and provide guidance on  procurement and supply chain organisational design; restructuring; and align with corporate strategy.
Through our Organisational Design and 
Restructuring (ODR), we help our clients: 
  • Create an aligning PSC Organogram
  • Develop Job Descriptions for the roles on the organogram
  • Develop Performance Appraisal System
  • Ensure governance, risk and compliance
  • Help with the recruitment of good people, passionate about solving problems. 
  • Get them to join your organisation
  • Get them trained and producing
  • Grow them into top performers
  • Empower and grow own leaders
In today’s world, both organisations and business accelerate at such a  fast pace that everyone wants to do more with fewer resources. We offer a new GPSCM Signature Efficiency Management Services (EMS) solution designed to drive processes continuous improvement to create value for our clients. 

Effective and efficiency go hand in hand – Organisations and businesses  should never lose sight of efficiency measures, yet of uttermost importance is to keep the organisation and business effective. 

Through our new SPCM Signature EMS out team of experts will work  with our clients to achieve effective and efficient operations. We assist our clients to: 
  • Promote and implement a culture of continuous improvement.
  • Self – audit their processes to identify and wed out operational  inefficiencies 
  • Streamline and perfect internal processes, and benchmark with best  in class organisations. 
  • Improve customer service and experience
  • Standardise processes and document for compliance and audit  purpose 
At GPSCM we believe that, “a little time and money spend now will  help keep costs down in the medium to long-term, - it is to keep checking on your processes on on-going basis that pay for a complete breakdown when things finally fail”.
Organisation’s Source – to – Contract (S2C) system and process is as strong as the weakest point. There is a small number of consultancy companies out there with the capability and technical expertise to design and implement best in class S2C systems and processes. Our S2C solution begins with analysing your spend data, determine the product or service requirements and developing a sourcing strategy for each category of spend. It advances to interrogation and analysis of the collective and interconnected processes adopted from origin of need stage, approvals, development of specifications, procurement strategy, contracting and contract negotiation phase before finally awarding the contract to a suitable supplier. 
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Through our S2C solution, our clients will benefit from:
  • Access to our subject matter experts
  • Accelerate cost efficiencies and savings
  • Improve on procurement governance
  • Mitigate procurement related risk
  • Increase compliance with policies and regulations
  • Quantum leap to build a world - class supply chain organisation.
  • Quicker turnaround times
  • Improved customer service
Leading organisations take proactive steps to manage risks associated with procurement and supply of goods and services. GPSCM Signature Probity in Source to Contract solution helps our clients with early detection of risks and deterrent to potential malpractices and provides perfect opportunity to strengthen governance, mitigate risks, and improve controls and compliance.

At GPSCM, Probity in Source – To - Contract Assurance means ensuring integrity, uprightness and honesty at every link of the procurement and supply chain process. Our PS2CAS includes a pre-audit assessment of special procurement projects or the procurement organisation provide assurance to our clients. We also provide expert reports for various purposes requiring expert and technical opinions. Through our PS2CAS, we help our clients:
  • Identify malpractices in procurement and supply chain
  • Strengthen their procurement governance
  • Access subject matter experts opinion
  • Mitigate procurement related risk
  • Check compliance with its policies and regulations
  • Provides assurance
  • Guides decision - making.

Aspects of our PS2CAS include:
Timeframe – backward looking, primarily done after the fact
Opinion – on compliance with an established guideline, standard or principle
Independence – exercise high degree of independence.
Service – provides assurance services – finds discrepancies and monitors compliance
Reporting – based on the brief issued by the client
Report Format – provide a formal written expert report.
Methodology – we adopt an audit methodology and adhere to audit professional standards
Probity Plan – likely to be involved in verifying compliance with a probity plan

Typical Assessment
Our PS2CAS solutions designed to provide assurance to our clients whether:
  • Supply Chain processes malfunction
  • Prevalent practices and risks
  • Compliance breaches
  • Weaknesses in governance and internal controls
  • Identify value leakages
  • Process inefficiencies