Our Advisory Services Best suit Public and Private Sector Organisations who:
  • Have no internal competencies to drive their procurement and supply chain efficiencies
  • Want to benefit from subject matter experts on key strategic projects
  • Have internal procurement organisation nevertheless, want to outsource activity on specific area(s) to subject experts
  • Thrive in sustainable and ethical procurement and supply chain to deliver value
  • Committed to internally develop a world - class procurement and supply chain organisation
  • Want to tighten the company’s focus on its core competencies

Because we believe in people as our clients’ biggest enablers, we therefore offer quality-training services, accredited short courses, professional courses and customised training for individuals and companies.


Our vision is to grow future leaders in procurement, supply chain and hunt for some of the best brains, and harness the best for the best.


GPSCM is provides advisory services on sustainable enterprise and supplier development to larger corporates, SMEs, Government, Development Bodies, and provide structured approach with specific deliverables that are “SMART”.


As a specialist consultancy firm, we assist our clients with recruitment services for their procurement and supply chain requirements.


As GPSCM, through our CPO Round Table we provide an opportunity for procurement and supply chain experts to engage with other stakeholders and contribute to broader economic and social development issues at national level.


Our PS2CA signature solution designed to help our clients follow procurement and supply chain governance, mitigate risks and ensure compliance when undertaking major and or complex procurement projects. We also offer forensic audit services.


Let our customised company specific supply chain workshops help you achieve your dreams of a high performing team and empower them work smarter to grow and improve your business. We also provide customised Boot Camps on Enterprise and Supplier Development.


Through our signature symposiums, we creating a platform for meaningful dialog between industry and academics for the development of skills that match changing industry requirements for modern economies.


This is our signature solution to proactively encourage knowledge and information exchange between buyers from across sectors of industry and Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and promote effective, efficient and economic ways to do business.

Because we believe in people as our clients’ biggest enablers, we  therefore offer quality-training services, workshops and symposiums. We offer signature training, short courses and symposiums endorsed by global leading professional bodies and universities. 
“We invest in our teams to work smarter, grow and improve your business performance” Dr Dahwa
We seek to grow talent in procurement and supply chain through our  unique internship program. We hunt some of the best brains and nurture them into the fastest growing discipline. We structured our program to enable our young people to get work related experience, and at the same time earn globally recognised  professional qualification in procurement and supply chain management. Our internships are for on either 6 to 36 months contracts and receive a  monthly stipend. 

On successful completion of the 36 months, interns take final exams  and complete their Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply Professional stage. 

Benefits of Our Internship Program
To the Employee
  • Achieve ease access to learning

  • Increased employment opportunity

  • You learn while you earn

  • Acquire formal professional qualification

  • Better career path and self -development

  • Gain entrance into industry

  • Work for a prestigious specialist consultancy firm

  • Get trained by the best in class

To the Employers
  • Opportunity to hire skilled and experienced staff

  • Grow future leaders in procurement and supply chain

  • Skills development

  • Empowered staff

  • Improved productivity and quality

  • Do more with less human resources

  • Achieve sustainable competitive advantage

  • Motivated staff

Who can apply for our internship programmes?
  • Graduates who have completed their first degrees with first class in Finance, Legal, Economics or Business and wish to pursue a career in procurement & supply chain. 
  • Matriculates / A-Level outstanding grades in Science, Mathematics, Accounting, & Business, Economics 

Please email your application today to:
  • Via email: careers@gpscmpractice.org or 
  • Via our website and apply on-line.

Leading organisations take proactive steps to manage risks associated with procurement and supply of goods and services. GPSCM Signature Probity in Source to Contract Advisory solution help our clients with early detection of risks and or deterrent to potential malpractices and provides perfect opportunity to strengthen governance, mitigate risks, and improve controls and compliance.

At GPSCM, Probity in Source – To - Contract means ensuring integrity, uprightness and honesty at every link of the procurement and supply chain process. This solution is in two separate parts that includes a pre-audit assessment of special procurement projects or the procurement organisation and advisory services. We also provide expert reports for various purposes requiring expert and technical opinions.

Aspects of our PS2CA solution:
The aspects of our PS2CA include:
Timeframe – “Forward – looking”, primarily done before the fact 
Opinion – provide both opinion and advice based on established guideline or standard
Independence – provide independent expert advice to the client.
Service – anticipate and help clients to prevent lapses in probity.
Reporting – As per brief by our client.
Report Format – Client engagement, informal updates and issue final written report
Methodology – Use GPSM methodology, standard or approach
Probity Plan – Oversee the preparation of probity plan.

Expected Outputs
Our probity in procurement solutions designed to help our clients ensure that their:
  •  Procurement processes are well organized and documented
  •  Proper budgetary arrangements and procurement plans put in place
  •  Procurement plans are prepared and approved
  •  Internal control systems are in place and properly documented
  •  Procurement governance and controls are duly documented and followed
  •  Procurement and supply chain related risks are identified early and or prevented